制药和食品设备/Equipment Department
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制药和食品设备/Equipment Department


Apteka-95制药有限公司是乌克兰境内医疗,制药和食品设备的领先供应商。在这几年里,我们公司与乌克兰各大制药企业,研究所, 学校,大学质量控制 实验室,医院 和 化妆品 公司 建立了强有力和持久的良好关系。

The Group of companies Apteka-95 is a leading supplier of medical and analytical equipment.  We successfully collaborate with a great amount of Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers, research institutes, colleges and universities, laboratories of quality control, hospitals and cosmetic companies.


We provide our customers with the modern equipment wich corresponds the latest international requirements.  Our company provides high level of service and personal approach to every partner and is ready for new business relationship.

我们公司是Kwang Dah(台湾)的官方代表,有超过50年从事制药生产设备的经验。

Our company is an official representative of Kwang Dah. Kwang Dah(Taiwan) has been producing packing equipment of high quality for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industry for about 50 years already.

Kwang Dah公司的产品领域:
Kwang Dah product list:
Capsule Filling Machine
Counting Machine
Blister Packing Machine
Liquid Filling Machine
Cartoning Machine
Sack filler.
Other equipment



Kwang Dah



We are ready to develope new cooperation in any point of the world! If you are interested in launching your products in Ukrainian and CIS market we can help you to achieve your goal.


We can develop and carry out project for promotion of your brand in our country and CIS as well as help you to sell your products.


We will be glad to start cooperation with you!





联系人 :工业设备部门主任

Head of Industrial Equipment Department

Mr. Roman Kiriy

电话tel:+38 (057) 787-10-11

传真fax:+38 (057) 758-60-59



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Group of Companies Apteka-95 Ltd.
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Apteka95 Pharmaceutical Firm Ltd.
商务中心:Frankovskaya街,14号61001乌克兰  哈尔科夫市
电话:+38 (057) 787-10-11 传真: +38 (057) 758-60-59