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中国医药企业 China pharmaceutical equipment market dynamics

由于中国医药设备企业产品的不同类型,多数企业采用了相应的商业模式,因此,企业呈现了低等级的市场集中,CR4约为20%~25%。目前,国内主要的医药器械公司,例如,山东新华药业,上海东富龙以及China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery,主要致力于干燥,包装和杀菌设备。2013年由于新的GMP引起的企业改革的影响,杀菌,冷冻干燥和大量非口服(LVP)生产线市场有望达到10亿美金,12.5亿美金和2.5亿美金。

In recent years, Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry has witnessed significant growth in both product quality and technological content, as well as steady rise of sales volume. According to China Association For Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE), the gross output value of Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry hit USD 2.07 billion, up 37.1% , the sales grew 50.1% year on year to USD 2,01 billion, and the total profit increased 68.1% YoY to USD 200 millions in 2011.

As the products of Chinese pharmaceutical equipment industry are characterized by various types, the enterprises generally adopt the business model of customization, so the industry presents a low degree of market concentration, with CR4 approximating 20%-25%. Presently, domestic major pharmaceutical equipment companies, for instance, Shinva Medical, Tofflon and China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery, mainly focus on drying, sub-packaging and sterilization facilities. It is expected that the market size of sterilizer, freeze dryer and large volume parenteral (LVP) production line will hit USD 1 billion, USD 1,25 billion and USD 250 million respectively in 2013 fueled by factors including the industry transformation caused by new GMP.

The development of pharmaceutical equipment industry is closely related with factors including the status quo and market capacity of pharmaceutical industry. Foreign pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, such as Bosch and IMA, basically monopolize foreign-funded pharmaceutical market in China by virtue of their advantages in brand and technology, while domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies dominate domestic-funded pharmaceutical market by their edges in price and localization, for example, the disinfectors and sterilizers of Shinva Medical occupy more than 70% of the market share. However, the share of foreign pharmaceutical equipment companies in the domestic-funded pharmaceutical market is likely to grow.

Since 2010, the introduction of new GMP certification and new emission standard for water pollutant and the availability of “Key New Drug Innovation” earmark have stimulated the production scale expansion, existing equipment transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical companies. From January to September of 2011, the investment in fixed assets of Chinese pharmaceutical industry totaled USD 29 billion, rising 39.9% year on year. Driven by the pharmaceutical industry, the sales of pharmaceutical equipment industry also saw a surge. The sales of pharmaceutical equipment industry are estimated to continue rapid growth in 2011-2012 and reach a peak between 2013 and 2014.

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