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Since March 1 import medicines not allow on the Ukrainian market if the producer does not prove that his production - safe

Since March 1 import medicines won't allow on the Ukrainian market if the producer doesn't prove that his production - safe
Since March 1 in Ukraine the law on licensing of import drugs comes into force. "Such innovation can strike and on producers of medicines, and on patients", - opponents tell it. Whether the truth, what some drugs in Ukraine can become scarce, and what will manage to keep in the market, - will rise in price?
Drugs of FOREIGN PRODUCTION which appoint for treatment of a serious illness, in Ukraine make the lion's share. 100% of preparations for diabetes treatment at children and pregnant women, 97% which are applied in children's oncology and haemato-oncology, 80% - in adult oncology and haemato-oncology, 100% - in pulmonology; 98% - in anesthesia; 97% - for treatment of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis. Any serious failure in deliveries of these drugs would doom to death tens of thousands of patients. However Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Grishchenko hastened to assure: that won't happen. In warehouses the sufficient stock of medicines (in particular, expensive antineoplastic means) which has to suffice for 2-4 months is stored. By then all foreign producers will manage to receive "admission" on the Ukrainian market.
The head of parliamentary Committee on health care questions Tatyana Bakhteeva is also convinced that deficiency and a rise in price of import drugs will manage to be avoided. Licensing of import medicines is the European norm. "Applying such mechanism of regulation, EU countries protect the citizens from possible import of low-quality production or a counterfeit as the license provides the conclusion of direct contracts with the producer of drugs", - she explains
"It's simply to obtain license. Give out it in four days. But while it isn't known, about what sums there is a speech, will cost how many analyses... Certainly, it can affect the cost of drugs. And here you shouldn't be afraid of interruptions in deliveries of medicines of stocks. Will suffice (at least, at the beginning)", - the executive director of Galitsky pharmaceutical association of Nel Byk calms.
All EU countries demand from foreign producers of certificates of GMP (Good Manufacturing practice) confirming appropriate practice of production. Issue of these licenses needed to be entered at least five years ago! - the chief of Public service of medicines in the Lvov area Sergey Cherednichenko speaks. - Since 2011 Gosleksluzhba of Ukraine became the full member of the international System of cooperation of pharmaceutical inspections (PIC / S). Came to fulfill time the assumed obligations - to provide quality of medicines at all stages of the address. 80% of the producers realizing the production in the territory of Ukraine, already obtained the licenses
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